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PGA Golf Professional & Director of Golf at Envision Golf, Ignacio Isern

About IGA

Multidisciplinary Golf Coaching

The Integral Golf Academy was created in 2019 by PGA Golf Professional Ignacio Isern. After working as a PGA Professional and coaching for 15 years it became very clear to Ignacio that to perform optimally in golf you need to develop a number of different aspects. All too often in coaching there is an excessive focus on just technique, but the reality is that most players are not able to physically reproduce some of those technical suggestions due to physical limitations, or lack of development in coordination or fundamental movement skills. Therefore, rather than focusing on helping the player improve their mobility in order to later achieve the technical goal, time is wasted trying to repeat something which is unattainable. The same happens with the mental aspect of golf. There are times when the issue is not physical but psychological and it is essential that the coach is able to identify that so that the training is focused on the root cause of the problem and not on one of the effects. The tactical and strategic components of performance are also often overlooked or not emphasized enough in certain cases. Having a clear picture of the root causes of your issues are & what you are intending to do to resolve them is essential to getting the desired outcome. After extensive experience working with beginners, amateurs, semi-professional and professional players who want to make a living playing at the top level Ignacio realized that even they often have very little awareness of what it takes to perform optimally physically and mentally. This process involves a lot of change and growth in ways that one may not expect initially. It's a very rewarding process which develops you as an individual in many ways. This process of developing the whole individual is the most effective and rewarding way to get results. In order to achieve this Ignacio works closely with experts in different fields such as physical therapist, fitness experts, biomechanics specialists, sports psychologists, and others so that his students are always advised by professionals who have great expertise in their fields. The Integral Golf Academy's mission is to help the beginners, average golfers & aspiring or current professionals to reach their goals by engaging in a multi-disciplinary process where all imaginable and unimaginable aspects are taken into consideration in order maximize performance and help players fully express themselves as golfers.

Ignacio's Experience

  • PGA Playing Professional in the Peugeot Loewe Tour.
  • PGA Teaching Professional at the Royal Golf Club of Seville, Spain.
  • PGA Teaching Professional at Villa Nueva Golf Resort in Cadiz, Spain.
  • PGA Teaching Professional at the Michael Campbell Golf Academy in Marbella, Spain.
  • PGA Head Teaching Professional at Ba Na Hills Golf Club (IMG), Vietnam.
  • PGA Golf Academy Director at Pestovo Golf & Yacht club, Moscow.

the coaching process
All lessons begin with an analysis of where you're at initially. Ignacio will generally ask questions and observe.
Videos will be taken using high speed cameras and V1 video analysis software. The purpose of the videos is in part to analyze in detail the golf swing but also to provide a visual tool for the student to better understand the diagnostic.
For those who wish to commit to a 12 hour package to have a more profound impact on their game Ignacio will create an online training space on CoachNow where all training materials such as swing videos and video lesson summaries will be stored.
All lessons include a precise diagnostic, drills to work on and video summaries.

IGA Services & Pricing

Individual Lessons

1 Hour = $120

5 Hour Pack (10% Off) = $540 (save $60)

10 Hour Pack (20% Off) = $960 (save $240)

Group lessons

1 Hour, 2 ppl. = $180

1 Hour, 3 ppl. = $210

(+$20/add. pers.)

5 Hour Pack 2 ppl. = $810 ($405/pers.)

10 Hour Pack 2 ppl. = $1,440 ($720/pers.)

5 ppl. = $250/Hour
10 ppl. = $350/Hour
15 ppl. = $450/Hour
20 ppl. = $550/Hour
25 ppl. = $650/Hour
30 ppl. = $750/Hour

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