Events and PartieS

Make EnvisionGolf your favorite entertainment venue

Event Sizes
  • Small Event (6-12 guests)
    2 Golf bays in VIP room, up to 6 players on a screen.
    Customizable space, private tv's, options for casual and formal events.
    Music control with BT connection.

  • Large Event (12-25 guests)
    We have golfing activities to accommodate larger groups.
    All events include rental clubs and a staff member to assist with game setup.
  • Full Venue Event (25-100 guests)
    With over 8,000sqft and 10 golfing bays, we are happy to offer our full facility for bigger groups.
    We have outside catering options available per request.
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Standard Bay Events
Sign up early to invite 4-6 people at your bay, or rent a couple of side-to-side bays where you can host larger groups. There you can play the course of your choice or play some of the fun golf arcade games with your friends. Enjoy food and drinks to make this a fun and memorable event for everyone.

If you don't know if your group is all right-handed players, be sure to rent one of our 4 bays for lefties and righties.